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The re-source for Commodore-64 and 6502 programmers

"What one man can invent, another can discover."

-- Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Dancing Men

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About The Fridge

Just think about the millions of lines of code that have been written for the 64: code for doing everything imaginable. And yet, most of it is lost forever. Therefore most programmers have to continually rewrite things from scratch -- instead of blazing forwards in a really nice car the community is caught up in a wasteful excercise of continually reinventing the wheel.

Hence The Fridge. Entropy does not favor low temeratures. The goal is to have a large base of source code and technical resources such as C=Hacking which programmers may draw upon for their own projects.

If you have some source code you think would be of interest to the C= programming community, please send it on over (in ASCII format!). The Fridge is maintined by the C= community, for the C= community, so make the most of it!

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