WHAT kind of computer did you say you use?

A Commodore 64, of course.

Well, what can I say? After spending years with the big and expensive modern computers, I decided to go back to using a computer which was actually fun. Fun to use, fun games, and extremely fun to program -- pure computing satisfaction.

Let's face it; computing is no longer fun. It is extremely expensive and often very frustrating. And there is a rather dull sameness to computer hardware and software -- the same as other programs, and just a bigger/faster version of last year's hardware and software. There is a distinct lack of imagination and inventiveness these days. Ho hum, how droll.

But then there's the amazing little 64, king of the amazing 8-bit computers. A guy can understand every bit of every byte of the machine, and still think up new things to do with it. The older games and such are still awfully cool. And the new hardware is quite nifty too -- users today have megabytes of RAM, large hard drives, and high speed modems, among other clever gadgets.

Anyways, I could go on and on -- and I have, with a little writeup of the 64, which I'll put -here- once it's finished.

Meanwhile, to learn more about cutting-edge 64 hardware, visit CMD.

To see some nice examples of what hackers/hobbyists are doing with the machine today, visit The Fridge, and C=Hacking in particular.

And if you've got your old 8-bit from high school stashed away in a closet somewhere, why not take it out, dust it off, fire up some cool software -- and have some fun, for a change.

Last Updated: 5/8/99
Stephen L. Judd
sjudd@ffd2.com --