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This page is all about myself and those around me. It is basically pointless, but has some pretty pictures to look at.

I grew up in the mountains of Northern New Mexico, did my undergraduate work at the University of Colorado at Boulder, my graduate work at Northwestern University, just north of Chicago, and am now back in the holy land.

[A Picture of Mesley] This is my sister. That explains it, I think.

A Picture of Me This is the Unabomber, whom I met my first year here at NU. The day before this picture was taken it was one degree warmer at the South Pole than it was in Chicago: twenty-one below zero.

[Mom] And this is my mom...

[A family picture, in the mountains] And this is my older sister, my dad, myself, and my little sister, up in the mountains. Why are we in T-shirts and my older sister is all bundled up? And why the heck did these picture scans come out so dark? Well?

[A rough looking bunch] And these are some awfully tough looking ruffians we encountered while fishing in Wisconsin.

Picture of Doofus This is my ex-roommate, demonstrating proper training in the ways of obedient servants, er, roommates.

A Picture of my Awesome Cougar You know how everyone's dad at one point had a really cool car and then got rid of it? Well mine hung on to at least one of his cool cars, and when he started grumbling fool talk about selling it, I bought it. It is a 1969 Mercury Cougar 351W, with 214,000 original miles on it; it even has the original muffler.

By golly, that's such a cool car that it deserves another picture: [Another Cougar pic]

A Pastoral Scene What a worldly looking pair, eh? Speaking of dads, one summer my dad and I took a trip to France; we spent a week in Bordeaux and a week in Paris. This picture, with an uncommonly rude Frenchman scowling over his shoulder at us, was taken at the resort town of Arcachon.

[A New Mexico sckcene] Back behind the house.

[A picture of Mr. Laeser] This is Mr. Laeser, high school teacher, basketball superstar, originator of many things weird, and a mentor of sorts.

A Picture of The Lords Finally, these are the Lords of the Household, posessors of all which enters within sight or sound: the two Stinky Boys, weighing in at around sixteen pounds each.

[One hot tomato] There's one hot tomato, eh? Click here for more pictures of my midwestern relatives.

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